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X-Men 97 Review and Comics Galore

That Comic podcast cover image featuring the X-Men in a 90s cartoon style feature on Disney+ from Marvel Studios

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! Crew! The entire gang is here and it's Friday... so obviously that means it's time to talk X-Men 97! Join Mendte, Mashko, Baby Huey, P. Features, and good Ol' Mr. Maurer as they review and breakdown a lot. From the Acolyte and the Crow Rebbot trailers, to being thrown back into the nostalgic feelings of Saturday morning cartoons with our Merry Mutants on Disney Plus. Hear what the guys think, as well as their thoughts on the split in the fandom. Did they love it? Or hate it/ place your bets and... (clears throat) SPOILER ALERT! They guys also review a smattering of book last week like Avengers Twilight, Power Rangers The Return, Carnage, Moon Knight, and so much more. So watch thoes first 2 episodes and hop on in with the surly band of bagged and board bros. That's That good people! Press play and let's do this.

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