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     That! Comic Podcast is scattered around the Philadelphia, PA area, from Montgomery County, Delaware Couty, to the city itself. Once a week our hosts head to the lairs, log onto the interwebs, and stretch across space and time to discuss comic books and the culture they influence.


     Being a comic book fan has never been so rewarding or overwhelming. The stories and characters that taught us so much are no longer isolated to the pages of a comic. New readers and fans are multiplying, experiencing that same feeling we had holding our first issue, only now it can come from behind a controller, in a theater, or on the couch. There are so many things to read, watch, and experience, it's hard to know what to get excited for. Plus If you spend any time on social media or Youtube you will see memes, shows, shorts, and commentators from all over with diverse, sometimes divisive opinions. While the content can be interesting, they become one-sided quickly. That's where we come in. While our hosts rarely see eye to eye, hurling hot takes and wiseass remarks at one another, it all remains in jest. Like Mjolnir, their love of comics (and at times its surrounding culture) keeps them coming back. Watch it do the same for you.

     Like the Phoenix, That! Comic Podcast rose from the ashes of Fireside Chats, the catalyst show that brought the team together. Starting with a single microphone and three guys packed in way too close for comfort in a sweaty room to a studio above Penn Center in New York. That time will forever be special to us, and to all those who are here, still supporting us, we love and appreciate you more than ever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even Maurer's.


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