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This MCU Pivot Would Make Us Cheer & Piss Off Mashko

That comic podcast cover image featuring Deadpool Wolverine, the fantastic four Captain America and the X-Men

Podcast Companion Post

Well… we had a show… and it was thrown out the window last minute, so now you have the pickup show starring most of the hosts of That! Comic Podcast. Maurer’s out so Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Huey pick up those prices and tape together a show like Believe poster from Ted Lasso. The guys shower the interwebs and talk about some of the biggest rumors about the future of the MCU floating out in the abyss of the Comicsphere. From Wesley Snipes returning as Blade multiple times, who are the MCU X-Men, more than a couple of Avengers movies before Secret Wars, and so much more. After that the guys talk about X-Men 97 and the former writes homework before you start the finale. And then the star of the show… the comics! The gang reviews Ultimate Spider-Man’s big reveals, GODS feeling underwhelming, Duke and Mendte’s anger at seeing it end, Star Wars book, some Indies, and a lot more. So I think it's time to just hit play already, pick up that pull list, and that’s That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

Ultimate Spider-Man 4

Duke 5


Dick Tracy 1

Darth Maul: Black White and Red 1

Jango Fett 2

Creature From the Black Lagoon Lives 1

Akogun: God Brutalizer 1

Flash 8

Drawing Blood 1

Blade 10

Wolverine 48 Rise of the powers of X 4

American psycho 4

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