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TMNT, Deadpool, and More from Cinemacon

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! Crew! Are you sick of seeing Nicole Kidman before every movie? Us too, but even she can’t ruin our excitement for what was announced this year at CinemaCon! You may be asking what cinnamon don’t worry we did as well. Join Mendte, Maurer, Mashko, Features, and lovable Ol’ Baby Huey as they talk about the recent announcements from Disney, Universal, and Paramount. Projects like Deadpool and Wolverine, a live action Last Ronan TMNT movie, G. I. Joe and the Transformers, and so much more. They guys break down the best and most exciting moments before they spend the rest of the show reviewing last weeks comic books and that crazy X-Men 97 episode! That’s That!


Comics Reviews this week:

The Batman-Man First Knight 2

Transformers 7

Power Rangers the Return 3

Beneath the Trees 5

Ultimate X-Men 2

Carnage 6 (Symbiosis Necrosis 4)

Thrawn Alliances 4

X-Men 97 2

Rat City 1

Thundercats 3

Weapon X-Men 2

Wolverine 47

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