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Toying Around Reviews - TMNT out of the shadows Kraang Review

Today we will be checking out Kraang from the new TMNT out of the shadows toy line So we are getting a new Turtles movie and along with it a new toy line, For the 1st time ever we will be getting Kraang in the movie so of course, we have a new toy to go along with it, so let’s check it out and see how it is.

PACKAGING: If you have been buying the Nick Turtles toys you what to expect from the packaging because it hasn't changed for the new movie line. The packaging has a yellow and green background, with the log at the top and a picture of all the Turtles on the top left. You have the toy clearly displayed in the middle with his name located right below him. The back of the packaging continues the theme from the front while also giving you pictures of all the rest of the figures in this new movie line

ACCESSORIES: Since the toy is Kraang, I guess you can count the android body as an accessory lol

HEIGHT: Kraang stands just 5.5 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: 1st we have Kraang standing with the TMNT movie Shredder and Nick Turtles Kraang. 2nd we have Kraang standing with Rocksteady and Bebop.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Ok, so while I am so happy to have a movie Kraang figure, I'm overall disappointed in the figure itself. The arms just being on swivels and not a hinge joint really is a letdown since you can only go in circles with the arm. The figure's left arm while having a swivel hinge is cool, but the right arm is just a hinge and can only go up and down, why not give the arms the same joints? As for Kraang himself, trying to get him inside the body is very hard to do because Kraang is bigger and longer than the hole they give you in the middle to put him in, so that is a letdown as well, seems like I can’t get him into a good position inside the body.

The retail cost is $8.99 I give Kraang a 5/10



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