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Toying Around Reviews - TMNT out of the shadows Donatello

Today we will be taking a look at the new Donatello figure from the Ninja Turtles out of the shadows toy line PACKAGING: If you have been buying the Nick Turtles toys then you know what to expect from the packaging because it hasn't changed for the new movie line. The packaging has a yellow and green background, with the log at the top and a picture of all the Turtles on the top left. Donatello is clearly displayed in the middle with his name located right below him. The back of the packaging continues the theme from the front while also giving us pictures of the rest of the new TMNT movie line

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front and backside of Donatello.

ACCESSORIES: Donatello comes with his Bow staff, headphones, and a drone

HEIGHT: Donatello stands the tallest of the Turtles at just over 5 inches.


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Donatello with the Classic Donnie and the Nick Turtles Donnie

FINAL THOUGHTS: Donatello hasn't always been my favorite but overall I have to say I like him, he does come with a few accessories and like the rest of the Turtles in this line has a nice amount of articulation. Plus you do kinda need him to complete the whole Turtle team lol. For whatever reason, I never completed the team from the 1st movie so I am happy now that I did do it for this Out of the Shadows movie.

The retail cost is $8.99 I give Donatello a 9/10



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