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Toying Around Reviews - TMNT out of the shadows Casey Jones

Today we will be taking a look at the new Casey Jones figure from the Ninja Turtles out of the shadows toy line by playmates I have always been a fan of Casey Jones, he was awesome in the original movies and now one of my favorite actors (Stephen Amell ) is playing him. So, of course, Playmates gives us an action figure of him so let’s check him out! PACKAGING: If you have been buying the Nick Turtles toys you what to expect from the packaging because it hasn't changed for the new movie line. The packaging has a yellow and green background, with the log at the top and a picture of all the Turtles on the top left. You have Casey Jones displayed in the middle with his name located right below him. The back of the packaging continues the theme from the front while also giving us pictures of the rest of the new TMNT movie line

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is a front view of Casey Jones outside the box

ACCESSORIES: Casey Jones comes with a Hockey Stick and a set of homemade rollerblades

HEIGHT: Casey Jones stands at 5 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Casey with the 2014 movie April and the Nick Turtles Casey Jones

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have to say I do like the Casey Jones figure. I am a little sad that the hockey mask doesn't come off to show us, Stephen Amell, underneath. Overall the figure himself is very nice and you can get him into some good poses. Have to say one downside is he only comes with one weapon, a baseball bat and a bag would have been nice.

The retail cost is $8.99 I give Casey Jones an 8/10



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