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That! New Green Ranger, Doctor Who’s Familiar Face, and in Filoni We Trust!

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

That Comic Podcast cover image featuring The Green ranger from Power Rangers, Godzilla Dave Feloni from Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Podcast Companion Post

Hey there, beloved listeners of That! Comic Podcast! Guess what day it is? You got it—Wednesday! The day when we serve up your weekly dose of comic book shenanigans that even Deadpool would give a severed thumbs-up to. Join Mendte, Features, Mashko, and Baby Huey as they dissect the new Crisis On Infinite Earths trailer, ponder Monarch on Apple TV plus, geek out about the Doctor Who special (David Tennant's back, people!), and a fresh-faced Ranger piloting the Dragon Zord. Oh, and Spidey, Venom, and more during the News Flash, topped with a comic review bonanza! So, strap in, rev up those engines, snag those pull lists, and get ready for a laugh-packed journey with That! Comic Podcast. Tune in and let the comic chaos commence! That’s That!

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