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Superman or Super Bland with Buz Hasson

That Comic Podcast cover image featuring Buz from the Living Corpse and Superman from DC comics and James guns new DCU

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! Comic Collective! And do we have a special one for you all! Obviously, James Gunn released the first full image of Superman from the new DCU. We have all seen it. We have all had opinions, but maybe none more than Mr. Maurer and Buz Hasson from The Living Corpse. So much so they hijack the show, scrap all of our other topics… and leave early. Join Mr. Maurer and Buz while they debate the direction that James Gunn is taking our big blue boys scout. Tempers are high, jokes are absurd, and Minds are changed in this special issue of That Comic Podcast. Oh and Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Huey are there as well. They talk about comics and stuff when they get the show back. Then Buz is such an awesome guy he created an original sketch cover of Superman for us to give away to one lucky fan of the show! All you need to do is share this issue, comment if you're hopeful about the new DCU and why, and lastly send us a screenshot that you are subscribed to the show in Apple podcast or Spotify. To tune in, grab the pull list, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and that’s That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

Deadpool Wolverine: WW3 1

Get Fury 1

Phantom Menace 25 Anniversary 1

Blood Hunt 1

Vengeance of Moon Knight 5

Immortal Thor 10

X-men 34

Minor threats 1

Bear Pirate Viking Queen 1

FCD- Blood Hunt (Plus Jubilee X-Men)

FCD- Spider-Man/ Ultimate Universe/ Venom War

FCD- Star Wars

Buz Hasson's Awesome Super Man Sketch Cover Giveaway!


1. Share this issue on social media.

2. Comment on the show post if you are happy with James Gunn's direction for the DCU.

3. Send us a screenshot showing us you are subscribed to our show on either Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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