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Shazam: Fury of Bo Katan

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Cover image for That! Comic Podcast issue five from Philadelphia, featuring Shazam, the Mandalorian, James Gunn, and the Flas

Podcast Companion Post

SHAZAM! Welcome back That! Comic Podcast good people of the Comic Sphere! It's time to head to the comic shop, pick up your pull list, and load Disney Plus for some Mando. On your way though, why not hit play and catch up on comic news, as well as see if Shazam Fury of the Gods is worth your time, even if you don't live in Philly. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey as they break down the rumors of Sacha Baron Cohen getting a Mephisto Disney Plus special features, James Gunn on why he changed his mind on directing Superman, and the chaos on Willow and its supposed cancelation. After Mendte and Features talk about the experience with Shazam Fury of the Gods and if it lived up to the first. Finally, the guys talk about the most divisive episode of Mandalorian to date, and if they agreed with all the negative reviews. So tune in like Captain Has All the Powers and a police radio.

Anyone who has followed our show will know we are big fans of, and friends with the crew from The Living Corpse. Their book is incredible, and the guys who work on it are just as awesome. They have supported us for a long time and now one of their own needs our support. After a tragic family emergency, they need help with medical costs and even meals for the family of those affected. To help support we created a fundraising T-Shirt featuring everyone's favorite rotting hero Corpses. We also made a poster with art from Mendte. Consider picking up one or both a support one of the best people we know. Thank you!

If you just want to donate head to the links below.

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Don't forget you can now leave us voice comments and question that we will feature in the Post Credit show on Friday if you get them in before we record. We also have an exclusive That! is the Way shirt inspired by the Mandalorian available for a limited time. They look awesome and are a great way to support the show!

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