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Teenage Mutant Holy Crap We're Excited!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Podcast Companion Post

T. U. R. T. L. E. Power! Behind microphones, they're the heroes four... of That! Comic Podcast, who could ask for more? Mendte, Mashko, Mr. Maurer, and Features... Are back with some more comic news for your speakers! Like the Spider-Verse revamps to joker set photos... To the Ninja turtles trailer and the casting character logos. James Gunn, Tom Holland, Jonathan Kent, and Injustice... To Peter Parker, Mary Jane, and the other dude she's in love with. So sit back, relax, we've got plenty of topics... order a pizza, extra cheese, with marshmallows and sausage. No matter how many Jokers are on set, we get the last laugh... It's time to press play, cowabunga, That's That!


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