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The Last of Us Mandalorians

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

That Comic Podcast episode four image, including Mandalorian, and the last of us images

Podcast Companion Post

It's That! time once again Bagged and Boarded Believers! New comic book day is a ritual, a weekly celebration of heroism, storytelling, and art. So on your way to the shop, let's catch you up on some of the comic world's latest happenings! Join Mendte, Mashko, Mr. Maurer, and Features as they get into Flash’s One-Minute War, Animated Batman’s new Amazonian home, the Oscars, and so much more! Afterward, we break down and review HBO’s The Last of Us, and catch up on the Mandalorian and the Mythosaur! So remember, When you're lost in the darkness, look for the light - This is the Way! Press play, tune in, and That’s that.

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