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Joker 2 and We're Doin' it Live!

Updated: Apr 21

The Joker Podcast cover

Podcast Companion Post

Greetings and salutations That! Crew! It's time once again that that our crew unite in the truth of bagged and boarded bliss. Join Mendte, Mashko, Mr. Maurer, and lovable ol' Features as they traverse the compicsphere for those comic-related current events you have come to expect over the last 60 issues. One thing is different about this issue though... Some of it will live-ish. As soon as the Joker 2 trailer drops we are going to count down and all play so you can sync up and react with us if you have seen it yet! The guys also talk about the Silver Surfer making her MCU debut, the Tales of the Empire trailer, and so much more. So queue up that trailer, hit play, then hit play, and that's That!

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