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Godzilla X Kong X X-Men 97

Cover image featuring Godzilla, Kong, Spider-Man, X-Men 97’s goblin queen from marvel

Podcast Companion Post

Greetings and salutations That! Crew, and welcome back to Wednesday’s other comic book tradition. Today the guys are in full swing, fighting and laughing about every topic under the sun in this extra-long issue. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, Maurer, and Baby Huey in the wings as they break down the Spider-Verse short, The Spider Within, and review Godzilla X Kong. They guys also talk about the current and inevitable use of AI images in comics, recent controversies, and inevitable futures. They also break down the Goblin Queen from X-Men 97 before getting into a plethora of comic reviews. From Ultimate Spider-Man 3, and Daredevil, to Ghostbusters and Spawn, we cover a lot of ground. So tune in, get that pull list, and let’s do this! That’s That!

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