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Will Taylor Swift Dazzle the MCU like she has the NFL

That Comic Podcast cover image, featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine Gen V, venom Taylor Swift, Captain America, the Power Rangers, and Deadpool.

Podcast Companion Post

Hello Hello Hello Internets, what's going on? It's time once again for the onslaught of comic news and reviews. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and lovably ol'Baby Huey as they traverse the comicsphere with the grace of Silver Surfer, and the speed... Silver Surfer... busting out sweet Norin Rad moves like a cosmic Tony Hawk. Join the quantum quartet as they talk about the new Ultimate Universe, Kid Venom, Spawn, and the crazy rumors about the Secret Wars. We then review the freshman boys spinoff, Gen V, plus Power Rangers and the Continental... kinda. We are all over the place on this one so brace yourselves, pick up that pull list, and press play! That's that.


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