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Blast From the Past with Gatekeeper Media

Podcast cover image featuring Derek from Gatekeeper Media, as well as Disc golf, Frisbee golf, Carnage, X-Men, Avengers, Captain America, and more.

Podcast Companion Post

For thoes from That! Nation who don’t know, this show went by another name for years and today’s issue will be a blast from Fireside’s past. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Baby Huey as they catch up with Derek from Gatekeeper Media. Derek went for the Fireside comic con booths to taking over the world of disc golf or frisbee golf. Following that the guys make a pretty big announcement, but no spoilers in the write up. When Derek bounces they guys get to reviewing and there are plenty of books to talk about. From Avengers Twilight, Dead X-Men, and Duke to Carnage, Spider-Man and 2099, plus Power Rangers. This issue is all over the place. So go play a quick 18, press play, grab your pull list, and That’s That!

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