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Ahsoka, Blue Beetle, and a Knife Nut

Cover image, 27 with Asoka from Star Wars, blue beetle from dc comics, toys watches, knives, and more Cover image, 27 with a Ahsoka blue beetle, toys, watches, knives, and more

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back to the show That! Crew and today we have a blast from Fireside past. With Blue Beetle out and Ahsoka dropping we thought what better time than to have on our old Fireside pal Levon from the Knife Nut Podcast! Join Mendte, Mashko, and Features as they get reacquainted with an old friend and introduce him to a new audience. They guys talk about the state of collecting, managing multiple collections, fake, holy grails, and more before breaking down the first installment of the DCU - Blue Beetle. Find out what the guys think and if it deserves its low-performing numbers. After that, the guys take a break and pick the show back up after Anakin’s padawan drops on Disney Plus in her own show. See if Ahsoka is the savior Star Wars needs, or if it’s another Mando season 3. Press play and let’s get going! That’s That!

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