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Toying Around Reviews Supergirl

Today we will look at Supergirl from the new DC comics multiverse TV line.

PACKAGING: You have the Supergirl TV logo in the upper left with The Multiverse logo right below it. Supergirl is displayed in the box with a picture of Supergirl from the show the name of the figure listed below. The back of the box lists a quick bio on what the line is all about, and the rest of the figures to come out in this wave are pictured on the left side. On the right of the box is an image of the COLLECT AND CONNECT NEW 52 DOOMSDAY.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front and backside of Supergirl.

ACCESSORIES: Supergirl only comes with the left leg for Doomsday.

HEIGHT: Supergirl stands just over 6 inches tall.


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Supergirl standing with her cuz, the BvS Superman. Next, Here is Supergirl with her new Arrowverse friends, Arrow and The Flash.

FINAL THOUGHTS: While I think it is really cool that DC wants to push Supergirl, I think they just missed the mark a little bit with this figure. One she doesn’t have any upper bicep swivels and the big thing is HER FACE! I really don’t think it looks that much like Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl on TV. The face looks way too chunky for me. A better face and she is a home run!

Retail cost $19.99 I give Supergirl a 5/10



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