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Toying Around Reviews - Spider-Man Noir

Today we will be taking a look at the new Spider-Man Noir figure from the 3.75-inch Marvel Legends series single-figure carded line. If you are not familiar with this Spider-Man, he is from Earth-90214 (alternate reality earth), a world that is still set in the time frame of The Great Depression of the 1930s. So this is Spider-Man as he would have been if he grew up in that time.

PACKAGING: The figures come packed in the new style Marvel Legends Series packaging. The Marvel Legends Series logo is at the top left of the box, while on the right side, we get some nice artwork of Spider-Man Noir, the figure is clearly displayed with his name located right below

On the back of the box, we get a nice picture of the Spider-Man figure himself and a quick bio on him. At the bottom of the box, we get a lineup of the rest of the figures in this 1st wave of figures of the 2016 line.

ACCESSORIES: NONE!!! This Spider-Man is more known for using guns, and we don’t even get a simple handgun for him! :-( #wompwomp

HEIGHT: Spider-Man Noir stands just a little over 4 inches tall.


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Spider-Man Noir standing with some other Black Costume Spider-Men Here is Spider-Man Noir standing next to WWII Cap as they are using the same body mold.

FINAL THOUGHTS: My only main complaint is this figure doesn't come with anything! As stated earlier, he is known for using guns in this version of Spider-Man; they could have at least given us that. A lot of times he also wears a long black trench coat. Below I have a few pictures of him in a Trench coat and holding some guns.

The retail cost is $12.99 I give Spider-Man Noir a 9/10 They just missed that mark selling him without any accessories.



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