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Toying Around Reviews: Power Rangers Movie Alpha 5

Today we have Alpha 5 from the new Power Rangers Movie line. Now since pictures of Alpha have come out people have had mixed feelings about him. #NotMyAlpha5, With that aside, is he a good figure? let’s find out.

PACKAGING: The Alpha 5 comes in what will be the stranded packaging for this movie line. The Card back has a picture of the Morpher with a power coin in the middle. The Figure itself is displayed in the middle with the Power Rangers log and the figures name listed below On the back of the box, you have the rest of the available figures, along with some blackout images of figures that will be coming soon!

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is Alpha 5 outside the box

ACCESSORIES: None! HEIGHT: Alpha 5 stands just at 4.5 inches if you count to the top of his dome

ARTICULATION: Here is the articulation for Alpha 5, as you can see the articulation is very limited

SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Alpha 5 with the new Movie Red Ranger and the Original Red Ranger figure from the Super Mega Force line from a few years ago Here is Alpha 5 with the Orinagal Alphia from the MMPR 2010 line

FINAL THOUGHTS: So I have to say when it comes to Alpha himself, I'm overall ok with the look. The eyes on the side of the head are what I really don't like about it. Now when it comes to the figure himself, he is eh. you only get a little bit of articulation with him, so trying to pose him to look cool is kinda hard. Size-wise he fits in very well with the 5-inch figures. I would say only pick up Alpha 5 if you are a completest and need him in your collection, otherwise, he is a pass

Retail cost $9.99 I give Movie Alpha 5 a 5/10



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