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Toying Around Reviews - Power Rangers Legacy Red Space Ranger

Today we will be taking a look at the Red Space Ranger from the brand new 6-inch Legacy Power Ranger Line from Bandai.

PACKAGING: The Red Space Ranger comes in the New Power Rangers Legacy packaging. You have the Power Rangers logo at the top with the figure clearly displayed in the middle. Down below you have a picture of the Ranger from the show on the left and the name of the Ranger on the right. The series logo that the Ranger is from is in the middle On the back of the box, you have a picture of the Build-a-Megazord and the rest of the figures you need to complete it. Down below you have the rest of the figures in the wave.


ACCESSORIES: Red Ranger comes with his Astro Blaster and the torso section of the Build-a-Megazord.

HEIGHT: Red Ranger stands just a little over 6.5 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: 1st we have the Red Space Ranger with the 20th anniversary Red Space Ranger and the original 1998 Red Space Ranger next, here is Red Space Ranger with Doctor Strange and MMPR Green Ranger.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Personally, I love this figure! I have always loved the suits from the Space Ranges, they were simple yet different than what we had before in the past, Also to be the season of Power Rangers in Space ended the Zordon era of the Rangers. It was to be the series finale but the ratings returned enough for them to do move forward with more seasons. The last episode of in Space found the Red Ranger finding Zordon after he had been kidnapped. Zordon told the Red Ranger the only way they were going to win the battle is if he destroys his energy tube releasing his energy into the universe to destroy all evil. So below for my toying around the picture, I tried to recreate that moment in time. I hope you like it! I still have my issues with the figures, mainly the wrist peg system that Bandai is using but of well, also the figures need to come with some weapons, Bandai has heard us and they have said they are working on a way to get us the weapons! so hopefully we get them soon until then the weapons from older figures are good stand-ins.

Retail cost $19.99 I give Red Space Ranger a 9/10


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