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Toying Around Reviews - Ninja Turtles Classic Collection Raphael

Today we will be taking a look at the new Ninja Turtles Classic Collection based on The Secret of the Ooze movie. The figures can only be found at Walmart PACKAGING: Raphael comes in a huge box, it is a lot bigger than most 6 inches sized figures. You have the Turtles logo at the top of the box, with the classic collection logo and figures name at the bottom. Raphael himself along with all the accessories are displayed in the middle of the box. On the back of the box, you have Raphael in an action pose along with all the alternate heads he comes with. You also have a quick bio for all the classic Turtle figures

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is Raphael from the front and backside.

ACCESSORIES: Raphael comes with 4 stars, a sewer lid/shield, a pizza, 2 Sai, and 3 extra heads

HEIGHT: Raphael stands just under 6.5 inches


SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Raphael with Nick Raphael and the new out-of-the-shadows Raphael Next, we have Raphael standing next to BvS Superman and Marvel Now Iron Man

FINAL THOUGHTS: I have to say I 100% love this figure, it has so much articulation and the look hands down are just perfect. Toys R Us a few years ago had carton classic and the 1st movie figures for this collection but all they came with was the figure and his normal weapons. With this Walmart-exclusive figure, you get extra weapons and extra heads. This for me is a hands-down must-buy for any TMNT fan!

The retail cost is $19.99 I give Classic Collection Raphael a 10/10



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