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Toying Around Reviews - N.E.C.A. TMNT The Last Ronin: Raphael

Updated: Feb 9

Welcome back for a new year of toy reviews, for this week's review we are taking a look at a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Raphael figure from The Last Ronin comic book by N.E.C.A. If you are unaware of who The Last Ronin story I won't spoil that for you, and highly suggest that you go read the story for yourself. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association or N.E.C.A. is an American manufacturer of collectibles typically licensed from films, video games, sports, music, and television that are based in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1996 and has over 60 licenses for which it produces products.



Before we open this up, let's check out the packaging.

The front of the box has The Last Ronin logo at the top with some artwork of Raphael jumping towards us. Raphael's name runs along the bottom of the box. Turning the box to the side, we get some more artwork of Raphael from the comic book. The back of the box shows us the figure in some action-type poses and a little write-up on him, WHO IS THE LAST RONIN? IN A FUTURE, BATTLE-RAVAGED NEW YORK CITY, A LONE SURVIVING TURTLE EMBARKS ON A SEEMINGLY HOPELESS MISSION SEEKING JUSTICE FOR THE FAMILY HE LOST. FROM LEGENDARY TMNT C0-CREATORS KEVIN EASTMAN AND PETER LAIRD, COMES THE FINAL STORY OF THE TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, THREE DECADES IN THE MAKING! WHAT TERRIBLE EVENTS DESTROYED HIS FAMILY AND LEFT NEW YORK A CRUMBLING, POST-APOCALYTIC NIGHTMARE? ALL WILL BE REVEALED IN THE CLIMACTIC TURTLES TALE THAT SEES LONGTIME FRIENDS BECOMING ENEMIES AND NEW ALLIES EMERGING IN THE MOST UNEXPECTED PLACES. CAN THE SURVIVING TURTLE TRIUMPH? Turning the box around to the side again we see a picture of the cover for issue #1 of the Last Ronin. Back to the front of the box, you can open the cover like a book to show off the figure inside and all the accessories he comes with. The box cover also has Raphael standing there in a ready-to-fight stance.



Let's take a look at how the figure comes packed inside.

Raphael comes packed in a plastic tray that has him and all his accessories displayed. There is a red cardboard slip behind the figure, a nice touch with all the red that they use in the comic covers for the story.



Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Raphael out of the box, we see how well N.E.C.A. did on this figure. They made him look like he came right out of the book. The little black line work all over the body makes him stand out and feel like he walked right out of the comic book.



Let's see what kind of accessories the figure comes with.

Raphael comes with an interchangeable yelling head sculpt, 4 pairs of hands, holding, open, closed, and flat, 2 sais an arrow, and a throwing knife.



How can we pose the figure? Let's find out!


MUSHROOM PEGGED HEAD - This allows you to turn the head 360 degrees around

BALL-HINGED SHOULDERS - Gives the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm.

SINGLE JOINTED ELBOWS - This allows you to bend the arm about 90 degrees.

SWIVEL HINGE WRISTS - It allows you to turn the figure's wrists in a full 360-degree circle while bending them up and down.

WAIST SWIVEL - This lets you be able to turn the figure around 360 degrees at the waist.

BALL JOINTED LEGS - With this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion.

DOUBLE JOINTED KNEES - The joint allows you to bend the leg itself back, however, due to the bulk of the figure you only get a little bit of a bend.

ANKLE SWIVEL - The ankle swivel lets you turn your feet 360 degrees.



How does the size of this figure compare to others?

Our new Ralphael stands right around the 6-inch mark. for comparison here he is standing next to The Last Ronin himself, also we have him standing next to the Jim Lawson Turtle figure as well as the IDW Ralphael from The Loyal Subjects.



What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

PAINT JOB 5/5 - The paintwork on this guy is perfect.

FIGURE SCULPT 5/5 - The figure looks great, looks like he walked out of the comic.

POSING 4.5/5 - You can get him in just about every pose you want, my figure's biceps were super tight so I had to heat the figure to get to them loosen up.

ACCESSORIES: 4.5/5 - I would have asked if he could have come with a few more arrows but we will be getting that with the "first to fall" variant that is coming soon.

DURABILITY 5/5 - The plastic is nice and strong i don't feel like it is going to break.

OVERALL SCORE 4.8/5 - This guy goes perfectly with your Last Ronin collection, I can't wait to be able to build out all the brothers on my shelf.





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