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Toying Around Reviews - N.E.C.A. TMNT Archie Comics: Man Ray

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Welcome back to another year of Toying Around, today we are taking a look at a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Man Ray aka Ray Fillet. This Man Ray figure is based on how he appeared in the 90s Archie comic book series. Man Ray made his first appearance in the Ninja Turtles Archie comic book series in issue 5 back in October of 1989. Man Ray was originally known as Jack Finney but had come in contact with some Mutagen that had been accidentally spilled into the sewer by Bebop and Rocksteady. Since a Manta Ray was the last thing Jack had touched he then mutated into one. Man Ray had a few adventures with the Ninja Turtles then became the leader of the new group the Mighty Mutanimals and continued to lead them until they were all killed in a Ninja Turtles backup story in issue #54 by the Gang of Four. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association or NECA is an American manufacturer of collectibles typically licensed from films, video games, sports, music, and television that is based in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1996 and has over 60 licenses for which it produces products.



Before we open this up, let's take a look at the packaging.

There is a NECA logo at the top left of the box, to mimic the corner box of a comic book since these figures are based on the Archie comics. The Nickelodeon logo is at the top right of the box. Man Ray himself is displayed in the middle along with all his accessories. Some artwork of Man Ray is on the bottom left of the box while on the right is the TMNT adventures logo as well as Man Ray's name. Turning the box to the side we get some more artwork of Man Ray, I do believe this was taken from the comic books. Moving to the back of the box we get some pictures of Man Ray and Bubbla, and at the bottom, we get some artwork of SLASH, JAGWAR, and DREADMON letting us we can also get them as well. Turning the box around one last time we have some of the front window wrapping around, this is great for any collector who wishes to keep his figure mint in the box. At the very bottom of the box, we have some more artwork of Man Ray.



Let's take a look at how the figure comes packed inside.

Man Ray and all his accessories come packed in a plastic clamshell tray. Everything is plastic zip tied in so as to not fall out of the clamshell. Behind the clamshell was this comic book-type artwork of the ocean, it was a nice touch to see that NECA put some extra detail into the box presentation.



Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Man Ray out of the box we can see how nice and big the figure is. All the colors NECA used on him pop very well too, the way they painted the black lines on the figure too really makes him seem like a comic book drawing that has stepped right out of the comic book. Now while the paint does look really good on him, NECA did decide to paint the hinge joints on the ankle and the second you start to move the figure it all flakes off. Was unfortunate and disappointing.



Let's see what kind of accessories the figure comes with.

Man Ray comes with the harpoon gun that he used in his first appearance in issue #5 of TMNT Adventures, his little buddy, Bubbla the Glubluba. I won't spoil anything with what happens to him, if you would like, go read issue #16 of TMNT Adventures. A sea turtle, left and right holding hands, left and right open hands, and left and right relaxed open hands.



How can we pose the figure? Let's find out!


MUSHROOM PEGGED HEAD - This allows you to turn the head 360 degrees around

BALL-HINGED SHOULDERS - Gives the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm.

UPPER BICEP SWIVEL - This cut lets you turn the whole arm below the cut 360 degrees.

SINGLE JOINTED ELBOWS - This allows you to bend the arm about 90 degrees.

SWIVEL HINGE WRISTS - It allows you to be able to turn the figure's wrists in a full 360-degree circle while also bending them up and down.

DIAPHRAGM SWIVEL - This lets you be able to turn the figure around 360 degrees at the diaphragm.

BALL JOINTED LEGS - With this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion.

DOUBLE JOINTED KNEES - The joint allows you to bend the leg itself back to the butt of the figure. (mine are hard to get to move, and I feel like I will brake the figure if I keep trying)

ANKLE SWIVEL - The ankle swivel lets you turn the feet a full 360 degrees.

BALL-HINGED TAIL - This lets you move the tail up and down, left and right in 360 degrees.



How does the size of this figure compare to others?

Man Ray, to the top of his head, stands 6.5 inches tall, with his ears making him right around the 7-inch mark. Here is Man Ray with Slash from this same Archie comic line and Mikey from the original Ninja Turles that NECA released all them years ago now.



What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

PAINT JOB 3/5 - While the paint does look really good on the figure it chipping off the ankle joint and from the interchangeable hands left blue and white flakes all over my review station was kind of a bummer for me.

FIGURE SCULPT 5/5 - The sculpting is on point. He looks just like how Man Ray looked in the comics, nothing to complain about at all.

POSING 3.5/5 - I can get him into just about any pose I want as long as I don't want to really move the knees, The bottom half of the knee is yellow plastic painted blue and the paint is dried to the knee joint. I have tried to heat the figure up but still can not get the legs to bend and I feel like I will brake the legs.

ACCESSORIES: 5/5 - Man Ray really comes with way more things than I thought he could or should come with. I really have no complaints.

DURABILITY 4.5/5 - The plastic used on the figure is very solid and I don't feel like the figure is going to brake from any normal wear and tear.

OVERALL SCORE 4.2/5 - I am very excited to have this figure. I loved the Archie comics growing up, can’t wait to add more of the Mighty Mutanimals that are coming soon. My only real issue with the figure is the flaking paint and the bottom knee joint being stuck due to the paint.






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