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Toying Around Reviews - Legacy Green Ranger

Today we will be taking a look at the brand-new 6-inch Legacy Power Ranger Line from Bandai.

PACKAGING: The Green Ranger comes in the New Power Rangers Legacy packaging. You have the Power Rangers logo at the top with the figure displayed in the middle. Down below you have a picture of the Ranger from the show on the left and the name of the Ranger on the right. The series logo that the Ranger is from is in the middle On the back of the box, you have a picture of the Megazord and the rest of the figures you need to complete it. Down below you have the rest of the figures in this 1st wave

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front and backside of the Green Ranger

ACCESSORIES: Green Ranger comes with the Dragon Dagger, a Sheath for it, the Sword of Darkness and a set of DragonZord summoning hands

HEIGHT: Green Ranger stands a little over 6.5 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: 1st Here is Green Ranger with the Pizza eating Spider-Man and the BvS Batman 2nd Here is Green Ranger with the 5-inch Green Rangers from the former Legacy Line and the Super MegaForce line

FINAL THOUGHTS: Overall I like this new line from Bandai. The only downside to it I believe is the arms. In most figures when you have interchangeable hands the peg for it is on the hand so you can just slide it right into the hole in the arm, Bandai, however, decided to reverse this and put the peg on the arm, With this peg also being on a ball joint it does make it a little hard to get the hand on the peg since it is moving around while you are trying to plug it in. This ball joint being on the arm also leaves kind of an eyesore I believe. The arm and hand are a little far away from each other, whereas in other figures from Mattel or Hasbro, the arm and hand are flush up agents one another. Other than this the figure itself is awesome, it has a lot of play-ability and you can get it into a ton of nice poses for pictures or just to show it off

Retail cost $19.99 I give Green Ranger a 9/10



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