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Toying Around Reviews - Hallmark Iron Man Christmas Tree Ornament

Today we are taking a look at something a little different, we have a Hallmark Iron Man tree ornament that can only be found at Walgreens.


Packaging: Before we open this up, let's take a look at the packaging.

The ornament comes in a red open-style box. The Hallmark and Avengers logos are at the top. Iron Man is clearly displayed in the middle with a picture of Iron Man and the Walgreens exclusive logo being displayed at the bottom. The side of the box has some nice snowflakes on the side, and due to how the box is cut you can still see a little bit of Iron Man peeking out. The back of the box just plans red with the window cut out so you can see the back of Iron Man. Turing around the box one more time you get the same cutout and snowflakes as before.


Outside of the Box: Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Iron Man out of the box you can see they used a very nice bright gold paint for the face paint. The red is also a nice deep red. The added black is also a little different from Iron Man.


Overall: overall for the price of the ornament id have to say this is not something you do not need to run out and get but it’s worth picking up if you happen to already be in Walgreens. The added black on the sides is a little distracting for me but not too bad. Price - $7.99


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