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Toying Around Reviews - Falcon Cap

Today we will be taking a look at the Marvel Legends 6-inch Falcon Cap figure from the Toys R Us exclusive Avengers 3 pack set. We will be taking a look at Vision and Kate Bishop Hawkeye in the next week or so.

PACKAGING: Falcon Cap comes packed in the new stranded Marvel Legends 3-pack box. You have the Legends Series logo at the top of the box. All 3 figures are clearly displayed in the middle with the Avengers logo and the names of the figures listed below, along with the Toys R Us exclusive logo on the right On the back of the box, you have a nice image of all 3 figures in the middle, and a quick bio off to the right.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front and back sides

HEIGHT: Falcon Cap stands at 6.5 inches tall

SIZE COMPARISON: 1st we have Falcon Cap with Hasbro's Civil War Falcon and Toy Biz's Comic Falcon. Next, we have Falcon Cap standing with Bucky Cap and Steve Rodgers Cap.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really do like this Figure, So happy we got a Falcon Cap at last. The only issue is HE DOESN'T COME WITH ANY WINGS!!!!! You have a guy who uses wings to get around and still uses them in the comics as Captain America yet don't give him to the Toy when you give them to every other Falcon toy. The Wings from the civil war falcon would have been fine but you used a two-hole system on that for it to plug in when this new Cap only comes with one for the shield. if she got wings he would be perfect!

The retail cost for the set is $49.99 I give Spider-Man an 8/10 FOR NO WINGS!!!!



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