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Toying Around Reviews - Defenders of Asgard two pack

Today, we will be taking a look at the Defenders of Asgard two-pack. This is the final comic two-pack in Wave 1 of the 2016 line that is under the new Marvel Legends Series brand. This two-pack comes with Jane Foster Thor and Thor Odinson. For anyone not aware, Jane Foster is now Thor. She became the new Thor after our old Thor lost the ability to wield the Mjolnir, thanks to something Nick Fury said to him at the end of Original Sin (we still don't know what he said to him). The other figure in this pack is Thor Odinson. This Thor is from the Thor: God of Thunder series back in 2012. This is Thor when he was younger and not worthy to wield Mjolnir.

PACKAGING: The figures come packed in the new style Marvel Legends Series packaging. It has the comic displayed in the back with the figures at the bottom.

On the back of the package, it clearly displays both of the figures in this pack along with the other sets available in this new line of comic two packs.

ACCESSORIES: Jane Foster Thor comes with Mjolnir and Thor Odinson comes with Jarnbjorn the pack also comes with The Mighty Thor #1 with Special Battleworld Thors #1 cover.

HEIGHT: Jane Foster Thor stands at 4.5 inches, Thor Odinson stands just around 5 inches.



Jane Foster Thor standing with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three Thor Odinson standing with some past comic Thors

Side-by-side comparison of the figure and the comic book artwork

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well, I do have to say, I am very happy overall with Jane Foster Thor, It helps round out our Big Three for Marvel Now, and she has a lot of articulation. It kinda reminds me of the Dave Vonner figures of old. Thor Odinson, however, is a different story. He doesn't have much articulation at all, like the figures that we are getting nowadays. This Thor was also an odd choice to put in the pack. Since we were already getting Jane Thor, it would have been nice to get Thor as he is in the comics now, with the robotic-looking arm, like in the picture below.

Retail cost: $19.99 I GIVE THE TWO-PACK A 6/10



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