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Toying Around Reviews - DC Multiverse The Flash

Today we will be looking at The Flash from the new Multiverse line.

PACKAGING: The figure comes in the new style of box that all the 6-inch Multiverse figures will be using. With this line, they will be mixing comic, movie, and TV characters. You have the logo for the Flash TV show in the upper left with the Multiverse logo right below it. The figure is clearly displayed in the box with a picture of The Flash and the name of the figure listed below. The back of the box lists a quick bio on what the line is all about. The rest of the figures to come out in this 1st wave are listed on the left (Batman, The Joker, The Arrow, Superman, The Flash, and Reverse Flash). On the right of the box is an image of the COLLECT AND CONNECT Justice Buster. The side of the packaging features another picture of the Flash with some stats on the right. On the left, you have the Multiverse logo and the Flash logo.

ACCESSORIES: The Arrow comes with the head and shoulders for the Justice Buster; we will take a closer look at them when we complete the COLLECT AND CONNECT figure!

HEIGHT: The Flash stands right at 6 inches tall.

ARTICULATION: The Head is on a ball joint Arms are on a hinged ball joint Elbows swivel with a single hinge joint Wrist swivel Waist swivel Legs are standard DC leg joints Lower calf swivel Single jointed knees Single jointed ankles Mattel has put a lot of time into the sculpting of the figure, they do look amazing. However, they still haven’t updated the articulation since like 2008 Due to the lack of articulation or any interchangeable hands, like with the Icons Flash, you cannot get him into any cool running poses. On the back of the figure, they did put a lot of detail. The only thing that is off to me is the strange center black wash they gave him, it is on all the figures so it isn’t just a mistake with mine.

I do like the sculpt of the head, I just think the skin tone is a little light.

SIZE COMPARISON: Here is The Flash standing next to Batman from the Batman v Superman line and Green Lantern from the Icons line. Here is Flash with the rest of my growing Justice League.

There is a 2nd version of the Flash out in the wild, I have yet to see him myself. He has the red logo on the chest from season 1 rather than the white one from season 2 that I have. The picture below is from YouTube reviewer ShartimusPrime.

So that’s my review of The Flash. Overall, he is an okay figure. The detail is great as it has been with most of the new DC figures. I just really wish Mattel would step up the game on articulation and come a little closer to Marvel Legends or even the new Icons line.

Retail Price: $19.99 I give him a 6/10.

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