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Toying Around Reviews - DC Multiverse BvS Batman

Updated: Mar 26

For this week's new review we will be taking a look at the DC Multiverse Batman Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman figure from McFarlane Toys. The fans have long anticipated this figure since we got The Snyder Cut Justice League figures. McFarlane Toys, a subsidiary of Todd McFarlane Productions, is a company founded by comics creator Todd McFarlane that makes highly detailed model figurines of characters from movies, comics, popular music, video games, and various sporting genres.



Before we open this up, let's check out the packaging.

Starting at the front of the box, we have a big window that lets us see the figure and everything he comes with. At the top of the box, it lets us know that this figure has 22 points of articulation. The bottom of the box has the DC Multiverse logo and Batman's name. Turning the box to the side, we have the name of the figure, and where the inspiration for the figure came from. The back of the box gives us the BvS movie poster that was used for the movie back in 2016, This is the same artwork that is used on the included trading card. Turning the box around one more time we get a small window that lets us see the figure, The wrap-around window is great for any collector who likes to keep his figure mint in the box.



Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Batman out of the box we get to see that McFarlane didn't do that bad of a job of the figure, the fabric cape is also really nice on this figure, I hope McFarlane does this more and more with the figures. The only real issue you can see off the bat (pun intended), is that his head does sit a little high on the neck. Another minor issue is why McFarlane put a nice wash over the figure they stopped it in the back, Yes I know the cape covers the back but it is still a jarring look with it just stopping.



Let's see what kind of accessories the figure comes with.

Batman comes with a left and right fist, two oversized bat-a-rangs, his grapnel gun, a figure stand, and his trading card.



How can we pose the figure? Let's find out!


DUMBBELL JOINTED NECK - allows you to turn the head 360 degrees as well as make the head look up and down a little bit.

BALL-HINGED SHOULDERS - These give the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm.

UPPER BICEP SWIVEL - This cut lets you turn the whole arm below the cut 360 degrees.

DOUBLE-JOINTED ELBOWS - This allows you to bend the arm over 90 degrees.

BALL SWIVEL HINGE WRISTS - With this, you can turn his wrists in a full 360-degree circle while also bending them up and down.

DIAPHRAGM SWIVEL - This lets you turn the figure around 360 degrees at the diaphragm.

BALL JOINTED WAIST - This lets you be able to turn the figure around 360 degrees at the waist.

HINGE JOINTED LEGS - With this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion.

DOUBLE-JOINTED KNEES - The joint allows you to bend the leg itself back to the butt of the figure.

BALL JOINTED ANKLES - The ankle hinge allows you to bend the foot front and back and also to the left and right.

TOE JOINT - This allows you to bend the toes up so you can pose the figure a little better when making him look like he is running or walking.



How does the size of this figure compare to others?

Batman stands right around 7.5 inches tall. Ok, let's get into the comparisons because we have a lot. First, we have our new Batman standing next to some of the other movies Batmen we have gotten, Batterson, Bale, Affleck (Justice League), and Keaton. Next, we have Batman standing next to The Dark Knight Returns Batman since this is what his suit is based on. We also have our new Batman standing next to Mattels take on the same Batman from when they had the line back in 2016, (this was also the first figure we reviewed here on Toying Around). Lastly, we have the DCEU Big 3, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.



What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

PAINT JOB 4.8/5 - This would be an easy 5 if the wash just went all around the figure.

FIGURE SCULPT 4/5 - This is just about perfect. Just need the head a little lower and also have the head sculpt a little wider as well.

POSING 4/5 - You can get him in just about every pose you would like

ACCESSORIES: 2.5/5 - The bat-a-rangs are extra thick for no reason.

DURABILITY 5/5 - The plastic is good, no issues or worries that it will snap

OVERALL SCORE 4.06/5 - This guy is just a few small tweaks away from being perfect.






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