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Toying Around Reviews - Civil War Black Panther

Today we will be taking a look at the Marvel Legends 6-inch Black Panther figure from the Giant Man series, based on his look from Captain America: Civil War.

PACKAGING: Black Panther comes packed in the new stranded Marvel Legends box. You have the Giant Man wave logo at the top with the Legends Series logo displayed right below. Black Panther has clearly displayed in the middle with the Captain America: Civil War logo and his name right below. On the back of the box, you have a nice image of the figure and a quick bio with pictures of the rest of the wave pictured below.

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here are the front side and back sides of Black Panther.

ACCESSORIES: The figure comes with the left leg of the Giant Man build figure and a T'Challa head to swap out with the black panther one.

HEIGHT: Black Panther stands just a little over 6 inches tall.


SIZE COMPARISON: 1st here is Black Panther with Iron Man and Captain America 2nd here he is with the Toy Biz Black Panther from back in 2005.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I love this figure! You really can get him into a lot of good poses for pictures. He is also very hard to find right now in stores. Only wants like over $100 for him right now, so I was very happy to find him and also very happy to add him to my Civil War Collection.

Retail cost $19.99 I give Black Panther a 10/10



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