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Toying Around Reviews - Captain Marvel

Today we will be taking a look at the new Captain Marvel figure from the 3.75 inches Marvel Legends series single-figure carded line. If you are not familiar with this Captain Marvel, let me tell you a little about her. Carol Danvers, the long-time hero known as Ms. Marvel assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel back in July 2012. In that July story, Danvers assumes the mantle in honor of the original holder of the Captain Marvel name, Mar-Vall, after Captain America tells her that Mar-Vell would want her to have the name.

PACKAGING: The figure comes packed in the new style Marvel Legends Series packaging. The Marvel Legends Series logo is at the top left of the box, while on the right side, we get some nice artwork of Captain Marvel. The figure is clearly displayed with her name located right below.

On the back of the box, we get a nice picture of the Captain Marvel figure and a quick bio on her. At the bottom of the box, we get a lineup of the rest of the figures in this 1st wave of figures of the 2016 line.


HEIGHT: Captain Marvel stands just 4 inches tall


SIZE COMPARISON: Captain Marvel through the years when she was known as Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel and....ummm...Captain Marvel Captain Marvel alongside some of her fellow Avengers.

FINAL THOUGHTS: At last, we have a Captain Marvel Carol figure. I am so glad to add her to my collection. However, it would have been awesome if we could just get a little more articulation. A wrist/glove rotation, boot cut, and a waist swivel or cut would make her an easy 10/10. We will be getting a masked Captain Marvel later this year in a comic two-pack wave with an Ultimate Captain Mar-Vell figure.

The retail cost is $12.99 I give Captain Marvel a 7/10



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