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Toying Around Reviews - Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Today we will be looking at Ben Reilly, part of the new wave of 2016 Marvel Legends.

PACKAGING: The figure comes in the new style of box that all the Legends will use now, the wave of Build-A-Figure is at the top left of the box, with the new Legends Series right below that. The figure is clearly displayed in the box with the Spider-Man name below. This figure is listed as Edge of Spider-Verse as Ben Reilly shares the same packaging as the Spider-Gwen figure. The back of the box displays both Spider-Gwen and Ben Reilly, with pictures of Absorbing Man and the rest of the figures in this wave right below. The side of the packaging features a picture of Ben Reilly on the right and Spider-Gwen on the left

ACCESSORIES: Ben Reilly comes with a right and left arm for the Absorbing Man, we will take a closer look at them when we complete the Build-A-Figure! Ben Reilly also comes with a few different hands, two-fisted hands, two wall-crawling hands, and two web thwiping hands; He also comes with an interchangeable head and hands to become Spider-Carnage.

HEIGHT: Ben Reilly stands just a little over 6 inches

ARTICULATION: The Head is on a ball joint with a neck hinge joint Arms are on a hinged ball joint Bicep swivel Elbows are on a double hinge joint Wrist swivel Hands are Ab crunch Waist swivel Legs are on a ball joint Upper calf swivel Double jointed knees Ankles are on a hinge joint with added ankle pivot

Ben Reilly shares the same body mold as the pizza-eating Spider-Man that we got last year. I agree with most people, that this is the perfect body mold for any Spider-Man-type figure. It has great movement and tons of interchangeable parts for a ton of fun. As for me personally, I was very excited to pick this up when they announced it. Ben Reilly was when I started to really get into comics (yes I know, the clone saga, not a great place to start), and to top it off has the hands and head to make Spider-Carnage, that just tops it off for me

I give him a 10/10


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