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Toying Around Reviews - Batman and Superman

So I thought I would start off the new year doing something different. I just came across the new Batman v. Superman action figures by Mattel, so I thought I would give them a little review. Articulation: The figures have the normal head-on-a-ball joint, hinged ball joints on the arms, upper bicep swivel, single joint elbow, wrist swivel, waist joint, standard DC leg joints, upper knee swivel, single joint knee, and ankles on a single joint. The only difference between the two is Batman's additional ab crunch.

Sculpture: Both of the figures are very well done. The new Superman head looks really good, just like Henry Cavill. I also love the texture that they used on both of the figures.

Accessories: NONE. I understand that Superman comes with nothing, but they could at least give us some bat-a-rangs or a grapnel gun. The only thing the figures come with is COLLECT AND CONNECT pieces for a life-size grapnel gun.

Overall, I have to say I like the figures a lot. I would love the figures if the designers just added a few more things into the articulation; an ab crunch on Superman, ankle rockers on both Batman and Superman, and maybe some accessories. I give both of them an 8/10.


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