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Toying Around Reviews - Avengers Deluxe Iron Man

Today we are going to take a look at something new from Hasbro, an Avengers-based line geared more toward kids. Like they have done with the Spider-Man line in the past, they are now making a line just for the Avengers from the Avengers TV show on Disney XD

PACKAGING: Iron Man comes in open-style packaging. You have the Avengers logo at the top, with the figure in the middle of the package. at the bottom, you have the name of the figure. On the back of the package, you have a picture of the figure with the hulk buster armor on

OUTSIDE THE BOX: Here is Iron Man outside the box

ACCESSORIES: This deluxe figure comes with armor to snap on to make him into the HulkBuster armor. Here is Iron Man with the Armor added on.

HEIGHT: This Iron Man stands just a little under 6 inches tall. With the armor on he stands just a little under 7 inches.

ARTICULATION: Here is all the articulation that Iron Man has.

SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Iron Man with the Marvel Legends Civil War Iron Man and the Marvel Legends Miles Spider-Man

FINAL THOUGHTS: This figure is made for little kids, 4 and up. I feel like it does hit that right on the sweet spot. the figure itself feels like it is made well. it won't break so easily and the added armor to make it into a Hulkbuster, while it doesn't look good does add some more fun to the figure. Retail cost $14.99 I give Avengers Deluxe Iron Man a 7/10



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