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Toying Around - Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

I wanted to try something a little different this time since this Saturday (January 30, 2016) the new season of Power Rangers will be starting on Nickelodeon at noon. So in honor of Power Rangers Super Dino Charge, I wanted to take a quick look at 9 of the 10 Rangers that have already been released.

Left to right: Blue (Stegosaurus), Black (Parasaurolophus), Green (Velociraptor), Pink (Triceratops), Red (Tyrannosaurus), Gold (Pteranodon), Aqua (Ankylosaurus), Graphite (Pachycephalosaurus), Purple (Plesiosaurus)

ACCESSORIES: Every Ranger aside from the Gold Ranger comes with the Dino Saber and the Dino Morpher which are cast in pea-green plastic. Gold Ranger comes with his Ptera Saber cast in grey plastic.

HEIGHT: Male Rangers stand a little over 5 inches while Female Rangers stand just at 5 inches

ARTICULATION: All figures have the same articulation. The only difference is the women, due to the skit they have a harder time moving their legs back and forth. Heads and necks on a peg Shoulders are on a ball and pin hinge Single joint elbow Swivel at the top of the glove Legs are on a ball and pin hinge Single jointed knee Swivel at the top of the boot SIZE COMPARISON Here are two Rangers (Gold and Purple) next to Marvel Legends Grim Reaper

Later this year we will get the 10th ranger to the team, The Silver Ranger (Brachiosaurus). This will be the largest team of Power Rangers ever! Most teams end up with 6 Rangers

So that’s my review of the Power Ranger Dino SuperDino Charge figures from Bandai. After a few years of changing the height of the action figures, from 3.5 inches to 6 inches they finally settled on this 5-inch scale for the last few years. I have no issues with the size at all as long as they keep it. The paint applications and articulation have for the most part been fine. Would I like to see more? Heck yes but Power Ranger toys are geared towards and for kids, not adult collectors. So they are just fine the way they are, kids can have a ton of fun playing with them….and me too as you can see below ;-)

Retail price: around $9.99

I give them a 10/10

Don’t forget to tune in this Saturday, January 30th at noon for the premier

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