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Toying Around - Mechanical Masters Two Pack

Today we will be taking a look at the Mechanical Masters two-pack, under the new Marvel Legends Series line, formally the Marvel Infinite Series. This two-pack comes with Superior Iron Man and Machine Man.

PACKAGING: The figures come packed in the new style Marvel Legends Series packaging, It has the comic displayed in the back with the figures at the bottom. On the back of the package, It clearly displays both of the figures in this pack along with the other sets available in this new line.

ACCESSORIES: The Figures come with NONE, the only thing you get in this pack along with the figures is the comic book. The issue it comes with is Superior Iron Man #1 with a special Secret Wars cover.

HEIGHT: Iron Man and Machine Man stand just a little under 4.5 inches tall

ARTICULATION: The Articulation is almost the same in both figures Heads are on a ball joint Arms are on a hinged ball joint Elbows are on a single hinge joint Diaphragm swivel (Iron Man only) Legs are on a ball joint Upper calf movement (Iron Man only) Double-jointed knees Ankles are on a hinge joint Ankle pivot (Machine Man only) SIZE COMPARISON: Here is Iron Man standing next to some of his other comic armor, and Here is Machine Man standing next to another fellow robot...The Vision!

OVERALL REVIEW: While I am happy to, at last, have a Superior Iron Man to add to my 3.75 collections, I am a little disappointed by the head sculpt on the figure. To me, it just seems to be a tad too large for the figure. The body is a re-use from the Extremis Iron Man back in 2010 when the line was still called Marvel Universe. Below I have a comparison of the two figures

As for Machine Man, his lack of articulation is kind of a bummer, but at this point, it is kinda what you would expect from the 3.75-inch line. A waist swivel and maybe some interchangeable hands for him would have been a nice touch

I really want to like this two-pack but the lack of articulation and the fact that Iron Man's head is a little too big is really a drawback for me on this one I give the two-pack a 5/10

Retail cost: $19.99


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