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The Flash Movie Review- Running through Time, Space, and Batman's Retirement

The flash movie review from the comic podcast featuring Batman and Supergirl cover image

Prepare to have your minds warped and your speedometers shattered as the Flash movie races onto the silver screen! Mendte and Features, our valiant hosts from That! Comic Podcast, were lucky enough to snag a golden ticket to an advanced screening, and they've returned with opinions hotter than Barry Allen's lightning-infused footsteps. So, strap yourselves in, comic aficionados, because we're about to dive into this time-bending adventure and review the Flash movie.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, the mastermind behind the "IT" films (not to mention "Mama," which left me with nightmares of sentient jumpsuits), "The Flash" brings our favorite scarlet speedster, Barry Allen, played by the ever-quirky Ezra Miller, into the spotlight. This marks his first-ever standalone feature film, and boy, does he bring the thunder! Or rather, the lightning. You know what I mean.

Mendte, ever the voice of reason (or so he claims), admits that while "The Flash" may have been slightly overhyped, it still packs a wallop. It takes a little while to get into full gear, feeling a tad disjointed in the beginning, but fear not! Like a well-oiled cosmic treadmill, the film gradually comes together and delivers a truly breathtaking conclusion. The nostalgia factor is cranked up to eleven, with "wow moments" that will make you shriek with delight and dance like a maniacal Joker. Trust me, you'll witness things you never thought possible, all while being served a heaping plate of what you've been hoping for.

Let's not forget the impeccable Michael Keaton, the man who defined the Dark Knight for a generation, slipping back into the cape and cowl of Batman with the grace of a Batarang soaring through the night. Who needs a Bat-Signal when you have Keaton's effortless charisma? But amidst all the time-traveling antics and elder statesmen of Batmen, Features, our resident lover of fine performances, couldn't help but sing praises for Ezra Miller's acting prowess. Apparently, he managed to capture the emotional journey of a young adult with superpowers, which, I must say, is quite the balancing act.

Now, let's address the elephant in the Batcave. The CGI, unfortunately, had its moments of being a bit janky, like a malfunctioning Batmobile trying to find its way out of the Batcave. But hey, even the Dark Knight stumbles occasionally, right? Rest assured, it doesn't detract from the overall movie experience. And speaking of our caped crusader, Features can't contain his excitement over the legendary Michael Keaton reprising his role as Batman, the elder statesman of Batmen everywhere. With effortless finesse, Keaton slides back into the cape and cowl, reminding us all why he's the Batman we deserve.

Let's not forget the heart of the story—the emotional journey of a young adult speedster navigating the complexities of his newfound powers and grappling with the consequences of his actions. Ezra Miller's acting performance receives praise from Features, who recognizes the brilliance in his portrayal. While Mendte may not be the biggest fan of this particular interpretation, claiming it strays from the comic book Barry he knows, he acknowledges the film's success in capturing the Scarlet Snyder Speedster's unique brand of comic relief and heroism.

But let's not forget about Supergirl, a shining star in this superhero symphony, who, according to Features, left us yearning for more. Alas, it seems her presence was as fleeting as a hummingbird's heartbeat. We can only hope to see her soar to greater heights in future installments.

In the end, my comic-loving companions, "The Flash" offers a wild, time-bending adventure that will leave you breathless, much like Barry Allen after an extended sprint through Central City. It's a tale of consequences, redemption, and, of course, the alluring dance between past, present, and future. So, tighten your shoelaces and prepare for a race against annihilation, as our crimson-clad hero barrels toward the ultimate sacrifice to reset the universe.

New issues of That! Comic Podcast from Philadelphia every Wednesday and Friday! Tune in to get your weekly dose of superheroic banter that'll make the Hulk green with envy! Excelsior!

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