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Secret Blue Invasion Beetle

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! Comic Crew! What an awesome couple of days for comic fans and people not suffering from comic book fatigue (Not going to happen around here). While the Spider-Verse trailer came out the morning after we recorded, that's only the tip of the trailer iceberg. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Baby Huey to talk about Marvel and DC's latest additions to their cinematic universe - Secret Invasion & Blue Beetle! We also talk about the sting of recently announced X-Men: Fall of X X-Men comics announced, and the Pink Range writing her own Power Ranger book. All that plus the news flash makes this a jammed packed issue for your ride to the Comic Book shop to grab the trusty pull list! Press play and let's get into it. Thats That!

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