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Ain't No Rest for the John Wick-ed

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

That comic podcast issue 6 cover image with John Wick, Harley, Quinn, the blue Power Ranger and Kang

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That Comics Crew! We are already at issue 6 and your support has been incredible. From reading your comments and debates to purchasing the fundraising shirt to help Buz and his family, you have all been awesome and we can't thank you enough. What we can do is keep the shows coming. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, Baby Huey, and of course Mr. Maurer as they talk about the newest developments from around the comicsphere. From the alleged allegations surrounding Jonathan Majors' arrest to our first look at Harley Quinn on the set of the Joker sequel, we have a lot to go over. On top of those stories, we also have a spoiler-free review of John Wick 4, some leaked video game awesomeness and the Rangers Forever trailer. That's just the tip of the Dinozord comic compadres, this issue is jam-packed like stories like webs in the Spider-Verse. Hit play and let's do this. That's That!

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