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The Continental Deserves Better

That Comic Podcast cover image featuring comic book characters, Captain America, wonder, woman, Batman, Wolverine, nightcrawler, and the continental, and the predator

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome to back the show That! Crew. What does the train at the end of Batman Begins when Ra’s isn’t saved and this issue have in common? Before it’s over they are both completely off the rails. See what I mean? Let that joke be a warning. If you decide to continue, then join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and a sporadic Baby Huey as they talk about the comic book headlines before jumping into some review. They guys talk about Spider-Man fighting monsters in 2099, Hickman taking on Ultimate Spider-Man, Doom Patrol’s final trailer, Kirkman talking about how much Invincible on Amazon we can expect if all goes well, and so much more. The guys finish up by talking about the end of the writer’s strike, reviewing the continental… sort of, and reviewing a handful of last week's comics like Wolverine vs. Predator, Uncanny Spider-Man, the number one’s for Wonder Woman, Daredevil, and Captain America, plus the Gargoyle of Gotham. So get your key, head to the shop, press play, and laugh with and/or at us. That’s That!

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