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Sony’s Spider-Man Noir Plans & More!

featuring Spider-Man, noir Batman and silk from marble and DC comics

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! Crew! It’s new comic book day and we here at That Comic Podcast take on the responsibility of a worthy opening act.  Maybe not Mjölnir worthy, but close enough. It depends on if Maurer is on the show. Speaking of which, join Mendte Mashko, Features, and that lovable scamp Mr. Maurer as they guys talk about the leaked Obi-Wan Kenobi movie scripts, Sony’s plans for Spider-man Noir, Silk, and the Spider-Verse, plus a new Long Halloween to test Batman’s holiday spirit. After that, the guys review a ton of books like Blood Hunt 2, Ultimate Black Panther, Cobra Commander, Spider-Gwen’s Ghost Spider, and so much more. So head to the show, press play, and get your pull list. That’s That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

Blood Hunt 2

JL vs Godzilla vs Kong 7

Union Jack The Ripper 1

Ultimate Black Panther 4

Bat-Man First Knight 3

Cobra Commander 5

X-Men 97 3

Thor 11

Ghost Spider 1

Spider-Men 3

TMNT Adventures 13

X-Men: Fall of House of X 5

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