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Is Venom’s Last Dance Sony’s Last Hope?

That Comic Podcast cover image featuring venom blade Moon Knight, scarlet witch and more from Marvel comics, as well as Chris Hemsworth Optimus prime from the transformers and characters from Acolyte Star Wars.

Podcast Companion Post

It's that time once again That! Crew! New Comic Book Day allows us a simple yet adventure-packed mini holiday in the middle of every week and we are doing our best to help make this day a little more special. So while you grab that pull list, let's catch you up on what you may have missed. The guys break down the new Venom Last Dance trailer and its implications as well. as how well it lines up with plot leaks from a while back. Then the guys talk about Thor joining the Transformers as either a regular Joe or maybe an Autobot in the G. I. Joe/ Transformers crossover movie. Just before the guys review a crop ton of comics they first recap some of the major rumors with Blade, Moon Knight, Scarlet Witch, and more. Then it's all comics like Ultimate Spider-Man, Blood Hunt, Power Rangers and so much. A show is as majestic as a symbiot-covered horse. We are... Wild Stallions. That's That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

Ultimate Spider-Man 5

Avengers: Twilight 6

Black Panther: Blood Hunt 1

Midnight Sons: Blood Hunt 1

Power Rangers: The Return 4

Darth Maul: Black White Red 2

Jango Fett 2

Creature From the Black Lagoon Lives 2

The Flash Holy Roller 1

X-Men: Fall of House of X 5 Wolverine 50

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