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Ghostbusters Cold Front & Less Blue Avatars

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back That! crew! The boys are back in town. The gang’s all here. We’re firing on all cylinders… what I‘m saying is MAURER IS BACK (spoiler alert for last week)!!! Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and grumpy Ol’ Maurer! Huey is here as well but needed a little coaxing. The guys talk about the recent string of trailers, from Ghostbusters Frozen Empire, and Avatar the Last Airbender on Netflix, to The Walking Dead's rotting corpse still kicking with The Ones Who Live. They guys then gripe about What-if stories, do they stem from creatively bankrupt writing or a nostalgia-coated treat of fan service for hard-core supporters? After the guys' review of last week's comics like The Resurrection of Magneto, G.O.D.S. 4, Thrawn and so much more. Ending with a news flash and we are back in business. So press play and enjoy. That's That!

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