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Dear Fireside Family

So this is a weird day for me. Exciting, yes… but also sad. Saying goodbye to this show and everything under that flames and headphone logo is strange, to say the least.

I just want to say how much I appreciate all of you who have stuck with us for so long. You have given us so much just by tuning in. I have been able to see and meet so many of you over the years, and they will always be the memories that meant the most. I have been on all over the country because of this show, but the first time someone recognized me in a bar and came over just to say hi, I almost passed out. When Kate took paparazzi pictures of us at Big Apple Comic Con. Or Sam sharing our show every time one dropped. Tara taking gym selfies in our mech. Steve bringing us monsters at NYCC knowing we would need them. Hell, you all pitched in and bought my living room furniture when I bought my house. You all became good friends, and some of you I’ve never spoken to in real life. You have reached out in concern when things seemed off on the show, you have congratulated us when things were going well, and you showed up when we needed you. The support has meant the world and I love you all.

I know a lot of people are going to say “It’s just a rebrand!” While I understand the thought, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Closing the door on Firesides RSS feed, social handles, website, and work from over the last 7 years is risky. Yes, we will still be making a podcast, and all the other things you have come to expect from us, but I have been terrified for a while now about throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I hope you join us on this next phase of Fireside, and more importantly, I would love to get you involved! It will take some time to get the involvement needed to do it, but we will have a community show on Fridays where we answer any questions from the week you may have comments you want us to address or even criticism. This show is for all of you, and while the last few years have been tough on all of us, we keep coming back to the comics to help get us through it. I want us to do that together. With a little luck and your support, we can grow this into something spectacular! Thank you for everything.

- Mendte

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