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Deadpool 3 has Nothing on these Torturous Punchlines with The Monk Box

Cover image featuring the Joker, Star Trek, Iron Man, Poisin Ivy and more

Podcast Companion Post

Hello That! crew and Nerds alike- BUMP BUMP BUMP - Today we have a special guest - BUMP BUMP BUMP - The guys are joined by the one and only Monk from the Monk Box Podcast - Come on son! Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, Baby Huey, and fellow comic Podcaster  Monce Isabel aka The Monk. They guys talk to Monk about going from a comic shop employee to a cosplaying podcaster, why villains are more interesting, why she’s wrong about Superman and Captain America, and AI’s role in the future of the comic book industry. After that Monk joins the guys for the news flash where they talk Deadpool 3 rumors, Aquaman, Godzilla, and more! So tune in, catch up, and head to the Monk Box when you finish. That’s That!



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