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Daredevil’s Familiar Faces, Big Game Deadpool, & Star Wars Asks …What If?

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Welcome back That! Crew! We are back, rested, and into the swing of things. Mashko is losing up his hammies, Features is retweeting his hair, Mendte is doing his vocal warmups, and we. Promised to give Huey another 5 minutes. Let’s do this. Join the guys as they talk about the rumors surrounding a possible What If style Star Wars show, and what scenarios the guys would like to see. They also talk about the familiar faces coming back to Daredevil from the Netflix series and how it stacks up to Echo plus Deadpool joining the big game for our first look at his third installment. All that plus they review the Tomorrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1, and a crap ton of comics. So if you were on the East Coast, wipe that snow off your car and head out to pick up your pull list. We got you covered on the ride. That’s That!

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