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Back with Superman, Batman, & a couple of Lanterns

That Comic Podcast cover image featuring Superman Hellboy, Batman, the Cape, Crusader and Green Lantern from DC comics. It also has Hellboy ultimate black Panther blood hunt and more.

Podcast Companion Post

Welcome back, That! Crew, it’s time once again to hop into the old motor vehicle, grab the bus, jump on the sub, and grab your pull list while we recap last week's comic book happening. Join Mendte, Mashko, Features, and Baby Huey as they talk about the Lanterns show, with John Stewart and Hal Jordan. We'll also break down the newest Batman Caped Crusader, Hellboy trailers, and the Superman set leaks. Plus, we've got spicy hot takes on The Boys and The Acolyte again. Then we have SO MANY COMICS TO REVIEW! From the latest from Blood Hunt to the Ultimate universe with Black Panther and Spider-Man, Zatana, Venom, and so many more. Don't miss out on this jam-packed issue. Now get to the shot and press play. That’s That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

Blood Hunt

Blood Hunt 4

Vengeance of Moon Knight 6

Midnight Sons 2

Magik 1

Union Jack the Ripper 2

Ultimate Black Panther 5

Zatana 1

Spectacular Spider-Men 4 

Captain America 10

Venom Separation Anxiety

Jango Fett 4 

Venomverse: Reborn 1

Daredevil 10

Black Widow & Hawkeye 4

I Heart Skullcrusher 4

Akogun 2


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