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Acolyte Review & Remembering Comicstorian

That comic podcast cover image featuring the Jedi from Star Wars the Acolyte, Benny Potter from Comicstorian, and sweet tooth.

Podcast Companion Post

Hello hello hello internets, it’s time to kick it once more. While it may only be Mendte, Mashko, and Features there are still more than enough comics to review and topics to discuss that we make it work. Don’t worry, we say ‘Beep’ before a couple of things and talk about the Ninja Turtle so it feels like the gang is all here. The guys review the Acolyte from Star Wars and whether it deserves the hate/ praise it’s been getting, they also talk about Sweet Tooth season 3, and the new Alien: Romulus trailer. Before all that the guys remember Benny Potter, better known as Comicstorian, celebrating his passion and perseverance. The trio then review the latest with Blood Hunt like Wolverine, The Ultimates, the End of Krakoa, and Scarlett sweeping us off our feet. All That! & more - So hit play, grab your pull list, and That’s That!


(Click to see which comic we review this week!)

Comic Review List

The Ultimates 1

Wolverine Blood Hunt 1

Scarlett 1

Get Fury 2

Venom 34

What If Venom 5

Carnage 8

Falling in Love on the Path to Hell 1

X-Men 35

Rise of Powers of X 5 Something is Killing the Children 37


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