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Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler Free Review

Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be for everyone. Let’s start there. We’ve been patiently waiting for another WW installment since we reviewed the first, three years ago in Issue 220 of the podcast. We have been so inundated with great comic book-inspired media (which Wonder Woman helped with) that we can inevitably become jaded when a movie is just fun. Not groundbreaking, not pushing the boundaries like Joker, just a fun movie. That’s what WW84 is, fun. I didn’t grow up watching Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman show from the 70s (which this movie is so clearly inspired by), but it did feel like another older DC property that is fun and a bit cheesy, Superman. More specifically, it felt like Superman II. Yes, the same “throw the S off of his chest like a net” Superman II. It has a lot of charming campiness a long side of over-the-top villains, stereotypical 80s movie characters, and the whole 9 yards. That didn’t keep me from having fun watching it Christmas morning.

I watched it with my Stepmom, Dawn, who is a huge Lynda Carter fan, and she looked like me watching Endgame. I’m happy I watched the movie with her because I feel I have more of an appreciation for it now. It meant something to her, more than it ever will me. This movie seems like a love letter to Wonder Woman 77 and its fans. The same way Hellboy fans felt watching the last reboot. Hardcore fans seemed to forgive a lot of that movie’s shortcomings, which I feel will be true with WW84.

As a whole, Wonder Woman 2 has solid performances from the cast, and it’s bright and beautifully shot. The pacing feels slow at times, and others too quick - leaving me asking, “how does that work” a few times. Then I’m reminded of Superman reversing time by flying around the world a few times, or blowing a brick wall back up (not blowing up a brick wall), brick by brick, and I stop questioning things and just enjoy. I imagine Patty Jenkins had as much fun making this movie as my Stepmom did watching it. I would give this a solid B-, and it’s nestled comfortably in the middle-bottom of the DCEU’s hierarchy.

- Mendte

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